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June 10, 2021


Statement from the Mayor Belit Onay on SOLIDAN campaign:

“I welcome the commitment of the SOLIDAN campaign to support peacebuilding and democratic transition in the Republic of Sudan. Civil society and the Sudanese community in Hanover work together to promote values for which the state capital Hanover stands at both local and international level: Peace, solidarity, tolerance and fair participation. I wish the SOLIDAN campaign every success "

Belit Onay
Lord Mayor of the state capital Hanover 

May 18, 2021

Press release
Solidan meets with the Sudanese Foreign Minister Dr. Mariam Al-Sadiq during Paris conference 


At the request of the Solidan campaign for supporting democratic transformation in Sudan, I met on Sunday, May 16, 2021, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Dr. Mariam Al-Sadiq, at her residence in the French capital during the Paris Conference for Sudan.

I briefed the Minister on Solidan initiative that aimed at activating popular diplomacy towards an effective and developed Sudanese popular diplomatic activity all over the world. I also explained to the Minister of Foreign Affairs the frameworks and axes of the initiative's work, that are the establishment of an international forum periodically convened under the slogan "Sudan and The world”, activating the role of popular diplomacy or “citizen diplomacy” by establishing an international center for citizen diplomacy, working to enhance the concept of this type of diplomacy, and working to bridge the gap between embassies and consulates on the one hand and the different communities and Sudanese immigrants on the other hand, and Activating the role of positive popular monitoring the  governmental diplomatic performance abroad, and paying attention to the conditions of groups of prisoners, women, and those stranded in war and disasters areas, students, immigrants and other groups of the Sudanese diaspora.

From her side, the Minister welcomed the initiative of the Solidan campaign, praised the Sudanese in the European diaspora, affirmed her support and directed the necessity of communication between Solidan and the Sudanese embassy in Paris, as well as directed to work together with the Sudanese embassy in Berlin to translate the initiative into a practical level. Her Excellency also affirmed that these directives are in the same direction as the government’s work in principle. The government, through its work based on its approved plans, has taken the initiative to place this matter at the top of its priorities, as it is a government from people, with people and for people. The Minister expressed her wishes for the initiative to achieve its goals in activating popular diplomacy, and affirmed her support for the idea of the Sudan and the World Forum.

On behalf of the Solidan campaign, I expressed my thanks and appreciation to Minister Dr. Maryam Al-Sadiq, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, for her interest in the initiative and her agreement to hold this meeting despite her busy agenda at the Paris conference.

I also thanked Mrs. Azza from the Sudanese embassy in Paris, who attended the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We, in Solidan, consider this meeting as a kick-off to inaugurate a new phase of Sudanese diplomacy, and we will work to continue communicating with Sudan's embassies and consulates abroad, as well as the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the success of our initiative that aimed at activating popular and citizen diplomacy.


Saeed Maissara


May 17, 2021