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Statement on Sudan Revival Program (SRP30)


Solidan Campaign welcomes the signing of a Political Framework Agreement between civilian political forces and the military institution in Sudan that took place on December 5, 2022 in Khartoum, Sudan. The Agreement is a critical first step towards the restoration of a sustainable transitional period and the formation of a credible civil, democratic, and accountable government.


The campaign also welcomes that this signing is supported by the Trilateral Mechanism- United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), African Union (AU), and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).


Solidan as an international advocate campaign that endorses democratic transformation in Sudan calls for supporting the Political Framework Agreement, endorsing the democratic transition in Sudan and promoting the role of Sudanese diaspora worldwide by empowering the Sudanese people inside Sudan and abroad


Solidan campaign restores activation of its efforts and work in democracy and peace building in Sudan and in mobilizing the local communities at international level to support people of Sudan, and we will conduct broad range consultations to launch "Sudan revival program" that aims to encounter and to minimize the effect of non democratic ideologies, forces and movements in Sudan through strengthening the Sudanese civil society, NGOs sector and business sector. 


Solidan Campaign

December 12, 2022.                                           The statement as pdf    

December 7, 2021

The German parliamentarian Mr. Ahmedovic supports Solidan campaign

The  member of the German Parliament and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party in Hanover Mr. Adis Ahmedovic announced his strong support to Solidan campaign for supporting the democratic transition in Sudan.
Mr. Ahmedovic expressed, in a Zoom-meeting that held on the December 6th, 2021 with Solidan members, his warm welcome to working with the campaign. On the one hand, the young parliamentarian affirmed his support for the migrants and Sudanese community in Hanover, and on the other hand he emphasised his position on working hardly to find ways to provide support to the processes of democratisation, development and peacebuilding in Sudan.
He also expressed his happiness and desire to stay in constant contact with the campaign, and promised to help the campaign to improve networking opportunities and relationships in Hanover.
From their side, Solidan Campaign members introduced to Mr. Ahmedovic a detailed explanation about the campaign and its future plans including the establishment of the Solidan Training and Education Center in Sudan.
The both sides have agreed to develop cooperation between the campaign and Mr. Ahmadovic's office in the efforts to support the Solidan in order to help in achieving its goals stated in its Manifesto issued in November 2020.


September 22, 2021

Statement on the military coup attempt in Sudan

At dawn of Tuesday, September 21, 2021, a group of irresponsible military officers tried to seize power in Sudan by force, by carrying out a military coup. And because the Sudanese revolutionaries and the security services are guarding the revolution, the attempt failed.
The officers and individuals responsible for this failed attempt, which was aimed at disrupting and stopping the democratic transition in Sudan, were arrested.

The Solidan campaign to support the democratic transition in Sudan completely rejects any attempt to disrupt or stop the process of democratic transition in Sudan. Here, we would like to remind the enemies of freedom in Sudan that we, as Sudanese in the diaspora, will work to resist any non-democratic regime in Sudan as we resisted its predecessor and brought it down. Failing to build democracy in Sudan is not an option.

The Solidan campaign to support the democratic transition in Sudan will remain committed to what was stated in its founding statement announced at the beginning of this year, which calls for providing moral, political, social and economic support and empowering and supporting the Sudanese people in their struggles to build a democratic state.



July 15, 2021

Polat and Holtz support SOLIDAN CAMPAIGN

In a video conference on Wednesday July 14, 2021 with SOLIDAN CAMPAIGN, Ms. Filiz Polat and Mr. Ottmar von Holtz, members of the German parliament declared that they support the campaign.

The video conference was so successful and promising and the two MPs heard an introduction to Solidan campaign and its objectives.

And they fully supported the campaign and they informed Solidan members about the chances that the campaign in Germany has to become a successful initiative. They said: "Our offices are always open for the Solidan campaign and its mission to help Sudanese in Germany or in Sudan".

Ms. Polat is a member of the Committee for Home Affairs, the Board of Trustees of the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Committee for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid in the German parliament and Mr. Ottmar von Holtz is the chairman of the sub-committee “Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Management and Networked Action”, chairman of Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development and full member of many other committees in the German parliament.

Portrait Ottmar von Holtz.png

July 13, 2021

Press release
Solidan meets the Acting Chargé d'Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan to the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Within the framework of Solidan’s efforts to publicise the campaign, its objectives and programs, in particular Solidan’s initiative to activate Citizens’ diplomacy towards an effective and developed Sudanese governmental and popular diplomatic activity, I met this evening, Tuesday, His Excellency the Chargé d’Affaires a.i. In the presence of Mr. Fathi Ibrahim, President of Fanar and a member of the " Go Green" initiative for environmental protection, the Netherlands.

The meeting was positive, cordial and promising. Minister Plenipotentiary Abbas Yassin welcomed the Soledan campaign and emphasised the importance of its initiative to activate popular diplomacy, and praised it for its approach and concern for a style of diplomacy that is considered the most modern, effective and accommodating in the world today.

His Excellency gave a brief explanation of the positive change that occurred at the level of interaction between the Sudanese Embassy in The Hague and the Sudanese community in the Netherlands. The Acting Chargé d'Affairs stressed the need to unify the efforts of active Sudanese organisations and associations in the diaspora, and in Europe in particular, and to agree on the overall goals that achieve the aspirations of the Sudanese people at home and abroad.

The conferees believed in the necessity of continuing communication between the components of Sudanese society and its organisations abroad, and the embassies and consulates of Sudan, in order to change the negative stereotype of this relationship during the outdated dictatorship era, and for everyone to work to contain the obstacles that affect the stability, unity, growth and development of the Sudanese communities, and that will open the way for the optimal investment of the efforts of popular diplomacy.

The Solidan Campaign for Supporting Democratic Transition in Sudan appreciates the interest of the Acting Chargé d'Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Minister Plenipotentiary, Mr. Abbas Yassin Omar, in the Solidan initiative, as a catalyst to move forward in implementing projects that achieve the objectives of the campaign and the themes of the initiative in cooperation with Sudan's embassies and consulates.

Maissara Saeed
Solidan campaign 


June 26, 2021


Solidan Campaign and the Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Commission in Khartoum State signed a cooperation agreement

Solidan Campaign and the Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Commission in Khartoum State, Sudan, signed a cooperation agreement to establish and operate a youth developmental center in Sudan. The center bears the name Solidan Training and Education Center (STEC).
The agreement was signed last Wednesday the June 23, 2021, at the headquarters of the Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Commission in the state of Khartoum.
The agreement aims to establish the foundation for long-term cooperation to provide the opportunity for young people and women in Sudan to receive training and education in various fields according to their needs, desires, ambitions and talents.
The two partners also agreed to hold a workshop in the near future to be the starting point for the actual work to implement the provisions of the agreement, they agreed that, a number of youth and civil society organizations will participate in the workshop to participate in the initial discussions about this developmental center and its future plans.

May 18, 2021

Press release
Solidan meets with the Sudanese Foreign Minister Dr. Mariam Al-Sadiq during Paris conference 


At the request of the Solidan campaign for supporting democratic transformation in Sudan, I met on Sunday, May 16, 2021, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Dr. Mariam Al-Sadiq, at her residence in the French capital during the Paris Conference for Sudan.

I briefed the Minister on Solidan initiative that aimed at activating popular diplomacy towards an effective and developed Sudanese popular diplomatic activity all over the world. I also explained to the Minister of Foreign Affairs the frameworks and axes of the initiative's work, that are the establishment of an international forum periodically convened under the slogan "Sudan and The world”, activating the role of popular diplomacy or “citizen diplomacy” by establishing an international center for citizen diplomacy, working to enhance the concept of this type of diplomacy, and working to bridge the gap between embassies and consulates on the one hand and the different communities and Sudanese immigrants on the other hand, and Activating the role of positive popular monitoring the  governmental diplomatic performance abroad, and paying attention to the conditions of groups of prisoners, women, and those stranded in war and disasters areas, students, immigrants and other groups of the Sudanese diaspora.

From her side, the Minister welcomed the initiative of the Solidan campaign, praised the Sudanese in the European diaspora, affirmed her support and directed the necessity of communication between Solidan and the Sudanese embassy in Paris, as well as directed to work together with the Sudanese embassy in Berlin to translate the initiative into a practical level. Her Excellency also affirmed that these directives are in the same direction as the government’s work in principle. The government, through its work based on its approved plans, has taken the initiative to place this matter at the top of its priorities, as it is a government from people, with people and for people. The Minister expressed her wishes for the initiative to achieve its goals in activating popular diplomacy, and affirmed her support for the idea of the Sudan and the World Forum.

On behalf of the Solidan campaign, I expressed my thanks and appreciation to Minister Dr. Maryam Al-Sadiq, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, for her interest in the initiative and her agreement to hold this meeting despite her busy agenda at the Paris conference. I also thanked Mrs. Azza from the Sudanese embassy in Paris, who attended the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We, in Solidan, consider this meeting as a kick-off to inaugurate a new phase of Sudanese diplomacy, and we will work to continue communicating with Sudan's embassies and consulates abroad, as well as the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the success of our initiative that aimed at activating popular and citizen diplomacy.


Saeed Maissara


May 17, 2021

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