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"We come from a country that has been governed by dictators for 60 years in the 20th and 21st centuries and has been colonised for about 120 years in the 19th and 20th centuries. We belong to the people of Sudan who decided to end the oppression and to build democracy and peace. 

Solidan campaign focuses on many important projects that address the demands and needs of the people of Sudan and contribute to the democratic transformation in the country."

All projects will be developed, designed and implemented in a collective and participatory methodology. This will depend on the expansion of the campaign and on the degree of the mobilisation of the endorsers and actors at all levels.
Solidan is looking forward to  conscious, transparent, trustworthy and tolerant partners and supporters.
SOLIDAN Training and Education Center (STEC)


It is the master project of the campaign, a multi-purposes qualitative training and education center in Sudan through which the campaign can work together with youth and women in Sudan.

The center will provide knowledge, experiences and exchange opportunities in a variety of topics and areas, like co-existence, cultural diversity, inclusion, Women rights & empowerment, civic and constitutional rights, dialogue and conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, power-sharing of women and youth and challenges/sustainability of the democratic process.

The center will be a take-off point to many other projects that will be proposed and implemented by Solidan and its partners from public or privates. 


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Solidan Initiative for Citizens Diplomacy (SICD)


Towards an effective and developed Sudanese governmental and popular diplomatic activity worldwide. 

Solidan Campaign, as an active Sudanese campaign for supporting the democratic transformation in Sudan, that was founded by the Sudanese diaspora in Europe, on behalf of its members, followers, supporters and community, is leading an initiative for an effective and advanced governmental and popular diplomatic activity, in order to restore and improve the Sudanese people's relations with the worlds' governments and peoples. 

Know more about the fundamental themes and frameworks of the initiative

SOLIDAN Scholarship Program (SSP)


Solidan scholarship program is an award of aid for Sudanese student to further their education at different levels from elementary or secondary school, to under graduate and post graduate at universities, or other academic institutions, in Sudan or abroad. Scholarship criteria for SSP will reflect the values and goals of Solidan Campaign.

Helpers of Helpers (He-O-He)


The civil society, non-governmental organisations, voluntary work and charity initiatives are the backbone of building a true democratic culture in Sudan. 
Solidan will help those who help in realising the objectives of the campaign.. The project (He-O-He) will offer supports to the above mentioned sectors in terms of institutional, administrative, technical capacity building. For example, working spaces, equipment,  and communication capabilities and etc.
The project will be a window for the actors in Sudan and worldwide to have a fruitful, useful  and complementary relationship. 

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