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Belit Onay

Mayor of Hanover 

“I welcome the commitment of the SOLIDAN campaign to support peacebuilding and democratic transition in the Republic of Sudan. Civil society and the Sudanese community in Hanover work together to promote values for which the state capital Hanover stands at both local and international level: Peace, solidarity, tolerance and fair participation. I wish the SOLIDAN campaign every success "

MdB Filiz Polat

"As spokeswoman for migration and integration policy for the green parliamentary group in the German Parliament, I stand up for a free and equal society on a daily basis. That's why I support the SOLIDAN campaign, which strives for democratic transfer in Sudan and, among other things, the rights of women to co-determination wants to strengthen, with great interest. I would like to thank all initiators of the campaign and look forward to further cooperation."

Portrait Ottmar von Holtz.png
Ottmar Von Holtz 

Former Member of German Parliament

“The SOLIDAN campaign is a great example of how diaspora groups from Germany are committed to their countries of origin and advocate a strong civil society, sustainable peace, democracy and human rights. I expressly support this commitment and am grateful that initiatives such as SOLIDAN build bridges between politics and society as well as between Germany and Sudan. I wish the campaign continued success and I am always available for an exchange."

Al-Bukhari Habibullah 

Deputy Ambassador of Sudan to Germany 

I would like to express my solidarity and support to the Solidan campaign for supporting peace and democratic transition in Sudan. Based on my belief in its active role in establishing democratic transformation in Sudan through many activities since its establishment. I wish everyone to support the Solidan campaign as a conscious contribution to the principles of December revolution for which the great Sudanese people fought and sacrificed.

MdB Adis Ahmetovic

"Democracy is a process, democracy is real work: working on a consensus of values, working on mutual respect, working on listening to others, showing solidarity, finding and accepting compromises. I am grateful that the Solidan Campaign has taken this path. I would like to support democracy building in Sudan by activating a broad base of supporters and multipliers to strengthen and secure it in the long term. I am also happy to support the campaign with advice, action and strong Heart. I wish all Sudanese, women and men,  peace, stability and real prospects for their country."

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