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Towards an effective and developed Sudanese governmental and popular diplomatic activity worldwide

For three decades, Sudan has been in a state of a forced absence from any respectful diplomatic presence at the international level due to the consequences of the terrorist and criminal behaviour of the former Sudanese regime that was toppled by the Sudanese revolution two years ago.

Therefore, we believe in the importance of addressing the deterioration in Sudan's relations with the international community by developing various diplomatic patterns and activities in the post-Sudanese-revolution era that reflects the aspirations of our people and heals its wounds.

Affirming the role of the Sudanese diaspora around the world in stimulating and revitalising a dynamic, effective and respectful Sudanese diplomatic activism.

And Support the Sudanese transitional government and the people of Sudan in their continuous quest for freedom, peace and justice.

Solidan Campaign, as an active Sudanese campaign for supporting the democratic transformation in Sudan, that was founded by the Sudanese diaspora in Europe, on behalf of its members, followers, supporters and community, is leading an initiative for an effective and advanced governmental and popular diplomatic activity in order to restore and improve the Sudanese people's relations with the worlds' governments and peoples.

The initiative is based on the following themes and frameworks

1 / Providing advises and consultancies to the Sudanese government and its representatives in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the dire need of an urgent and large-scale restructuring of embassies, consulates, and regional and international delegates to reflect the values, principles and spirit of the December Revolution.

2 / Improving the quality of services provided to Sudanese citizens in Sudanese embassies and consulates abroad, and working to activate the role of embassies in taking care of the conditions of prisoners, women, and those stranded in war and disaster areas, students and immigrants.

3 / Activating the role of popular observation in controlling and improving the work and performance of Sudanese consulates and embassies and monitoring the performance of Sudan’s delegates in regional and international organisations and bodies.

4 / Establishing a periodic public international forum that brings together various decision-makers from Sudan and from different countries of the world to hold talks, discussions and dialogues on common issues and other issues related to improving the relations between Sudan and the world.

5 / Establishing an international center for citizens diplomacy, and working to promote the concept of this type of diplomacy through which the individual has the right to help in forming Sudan's foreign relations. Citizen diplomats can be students, teachers, athletes, artists, businessmen, humanitarian workers, or tourists.


Under this initiative, the Solidan campaign calls on the Sudanese government, the transition partners in Sudan, all Sudanese political parties, organisations, individuals and societies in the diaspora and in Sudan to promote this initiative and support its frameworks.

We demand with great insistence and interest the Sudanese government and the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to give our initiative the official, practical and administrative support that is necessary to activate an effective Citizens diplomacy to realise the interests of the people of Sudan and support the efforts of the government of its revolution. 

May 2021

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